Day Nursery

Bridgend College Day Nursery provides a warm, happy and stimulating environment for children to play, learn, eat and sleep.

This gives parents of babies and young children the reassurance that their child is placed within an environment which is friendly, happy and secure.

The Day Nursery is open 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years.

The Nursery has 5 units which provide the highest level of care.  Each unit specialises in the age of the children they care for, with each child assessed on an individual basis. You can take a look around each of these via our virtual tour.

Pre-School is our Foundation Phase Area, where children access all 7 areas of learning.

Children are formally assessed and this is evidenced by their ‘Learning Journey’.

In this respect, the Day Nursery was inspected by Estyn and graded Excellent. View the full report here.

We also offer a playscheme during the half term holidays (except for Christmas). Find out more about our playscheme here

Our Rooms

These units offer experiences and activities designed to make the transition from nursery to “big school” easier. A busy and stimulating environment, we encourage children to develop their independency, problem solving skills, promote positive thinking and self-motivation.  You view all our rooms as part of our  virtual tour.

Quiet rooms are provided for sleep if needed, and for activity areas.

The baby units care for babies aged approximately 6 weeks to 12 months and 12 months to approximately 18 months. Both units provide a calm and stimulating environment, with cots and quiet areas provided for babies to sleep whenever needed.

The toddler units care for children aged around  18 – 24 months and 24 months – approximately 2½ to 3 years. Both units are spacious, bright and airy, where children have the opportunity to enjoy a wide and varied range of experiences and play materials. Toddler units have quiet rooms where children can have a sleep when required, and each child has a key worker.

Pre-School is our Foundation Phase Area where children access all 7 areas of Learning. Children are formally assessed and this is evidenced in their “Learning Journey”. The Day Nursery is graded “Excellent” with Estyn.

  • Creative
  • Sand / water play
  • Cooking
  • IT with appropriate software
  • Table / floor activities
  • Imaginative play
  • Outdoor play
  • Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Each child has their own basket, labelled to hold their provisions.  Any items provided by you are only used for your child. Please ensure your child is able to participate in all activities by providing suitable clothing and shoes. We have a lovely garden area that we use in most weather conditions.

All children must have a labelled change of clothes, which we prefer to be kept at the Nursery. Any soiled clothing will be sent home. The Nursery has shower facilities for older children, and bathing facilities for younger babies. Permission will be sought before bathing or showering takes place.

For babies:

Parents must provide all bottles and formula milk.  We ask for a maximum of four bottles and teats. Dummies must also be provided if needed.  Feeds are prepared on nursery premises on an ‘as and when needed’ basis. Bottles are sterilized each morning and formula feeds are made as required. You also need to provide nappies, creams and wet wipes or cotton wool for your child.  Staff will advise when replacements are needed.

For toddlers and pre-school:

Parents must provide nappies, creams, wet wipes or cotton wool when needed.  Dummies must also be provided where needed. We will work together to toilet train your child, either when you feel they are ready or when we feel they may be ready.  We will discuss a routine and requirements beforehand and train at a mutually agreed time.

Although Day Nursery Staff generally communicate to the children and to each other in English, there are Welsh speaking staff.

Bridgend College Day Nursery accepts children who may have individual needs, and works with local groups and organisations to help ensure that we do all that is needed to meet your child’s needs.

Please call the nursery on 01656 302 241.

We operate a signing in system where only persons named on the signing-in sheet may collect children from the Nursery. The Nursery reserves the right to only release children to responsible adults.

If any other person should come to the Nursery to collect a child without prior arrangement, they will not be granted permission and the child will remain in the Nursery until the named person comes to collect them, or makes contact with the Nursery to confirm the change.

If Day Nursery staff feel that the adult collecting your child is not responsible, or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we reserve the right to not hand over your child until we feel a responsible adult is present, or the appropriate services are contacted.

Please note that the Social Services Duty Desk or the Police will be called, and a Child Protection referral would be made, should this occur.

Please use the contact us form or you can call us on 01656 302 241 

In the meantime, view all our spaces in the virtual tour.

As well as daily contact between staff and parents, we also send out information when needed. In Pre-school we hold parents evening, usually once a year, around the Easter term.  

Parents are welcome to book an appointment with us at any time by calling 01656 302 241.

Our Day Nursery promotes the activities that our children have been involved with throughout a typical day on the social media platform Facebook. We will only release images of your children on social media with your signed consent. You will be asked, once you have booked your child’s space at nursery, to sign a consent form – you are under no obligation to do so.

If you feel that you have cause for complaint about anything at Bridgend College Day Nursery, please speak to the nursery manager and refer to our complaints procedure.

We will always seek to resolve any complaint or concern.

If you feel that you have exhausted our complaints procedure, you can raise a concern directly with the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). However, the CIW are unable to investigate or resolve complaints or disagreements between a service provider and user.

Contact the CIW:

Phone: 0300 7900 126



In writing:

Care Inspectorate Wales

Welsh Government office

Sarn Mynach

Llandudno Junction

LL31 9RZ

If you are interested in placing your child at the nursery, please contact us and we will be happy to give any information you may need, and to book a visit for you to view the nursery.

T: 01656 302 241

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